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Schottky, super fast recovery, fast recovery diode difference
463 2022-02-25
  The size of the diode and the withstand grade of the process will affect the through-pressure drop and reverse recovery time. Large size diodes usually have higher VF and tRR, which will cause relatively large losses. Switching diodes are generally divided by speed, into 'high speed', 'very high speed' and 'ultra-high speed' diodes, reverse recovery time decreases with the increase of speed. The tRR of the fast recovery diode is several hundred nanoseconds, while the tRR of the ultra-fast recovery diode is tens of nanoseconds. Low power applications, the alternative is a selection of fast recovery diodes schottky diode, the diode fast recovery time almost can be ignored, and only fast recovery diode reverse recovery voltage VF half (0.4 V to 1 V), but the rated voltage of the electric current of schottky diode was far below the fast recovery diodes, cannot be used for high pressure or high power applications. In addition, Schottky diodes have higher reverse leakage current than silicon diodes, but these factors do not limit their application in many power supplies.

  Quick recovery diodes have a recovery time of 250-500ns

  Ultra fast recovery diode recovery time is 75-250ns

  The recovery time of schottky diode is almost zero



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